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Welcome to Dave Brown's Vintage Vending website.
Dedicated to the hobby of collecting coin-operated gum, candy, and peanut machines.

A Bit About Me.
My real job is managing a BMW motorcycle store, Brown Motor Works in Pomona, California.  Since motorcycling is my other hobby this works out quite well.

I began collecting candy and peanut machines in 1991.  During my first two decades in the coin-op hobby the acquisition of machines hovered somewhere between a passion and an obsession.  Consequently I've amassed several hundred machines, which I think makes it more an accumulation than a collection.  From December, 2009 until February, 2015 I was sidelined from the hobby during a 5-year long divorce from my now ex-wife.  I doubt this is an all-time record, but it's the longest divorce I've ever heard of.  If you'd like to read my unsolicited advice about divorce you can do so here.

With the divorce behind me, and as I'm now living in a home half the size of my previous one, I've decided it's time to sell off a sizable number of machines.  My eventual goal for this website is for it to morph into a showcase of my collection as well as a source of information about vending machines and the companies that designed and produced them.  My first step though is to reduce my collection to a manageable size, so for now it will be all about machines that I have for sale.  I will be selling some of them on eBay and others I will send off to an auction house, but my hope is that the majority of them can be sold directly to other collectors through this website.   This will keep my costs down and allow you and other collectors to buy at better prices.

I will add more machines as time allows and will remove others as they sell.  Please keep in mind that I will be doing this in my very limited free time so updates will probably not be as frequent as you or I would like.

Collectors have been asking me for a list of what I have for sale.  While I understand the desire for this it simply is not practical for me to create.  But here are a couple of things I will do.
First; if there are specific machines that you are looking for you can send me your list and if I have anything you want I promise to let you know before I post them for sale.
Second; if you email me a request I will send you an email notice any time I add machines to this site.   That way you won't need to constantly check for additions.